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Sectional Sofas , JHA-145

Product Descriptions :

The sectional sofas,Modern and elegantly designed sectional sofa,  made of  aluminum frame woven with synthetic rattan . Table comes with an option of either matching color cushion or tempered glass top,sectional sofa has its rustic look, made of rode type synthetic rattan ,it is great choice for all outdoor and indoor use.

Sectional sofas from decon has not great design but durability, comfortless and great looking, it can be used for all weathers.
Single Sofa:   85 x 85 x 66.5 cm ( 01 No)
Corner Sofa: 85 x 73 x 66.5 cm ( 03 No)
Middle Sofa: 85 x 87 x 66.5 cm ( 02 No)
Table/ Stool: 73.5 x 73.5 x 31.5 cm (01 No)

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