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Decon Sectional Sofa , JHA-149

Product Descriptions :

Decon sectional sofa for indoor and outdoors with corner and sectional sofa’s and long tea table. Built with aluminum frame with synthetic peel material rattan weaving. Tea table fitted with tempered glass top and comes with high quality cushions for extra comfort.

We had various designs and sizes of decon sectional sofas for all commercial and residential purposes, decon is a specialist of all tailor made furniture for any sizes of projects.

Corner Sofa: 88 x 88 x 70 cm ( 03 No)
Middle Sofa: 88 x 65 x 70 cm ( 03 No)
Single Sofa:   90 x 90 x 70 cm (01 No)
Tea Table:     110 x 100 x 32 cm ( 01 No)
Side Table:   110 x 60 x 32 cm (01 No)

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