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“DECON Designs: Elevating Outdoor Living with High-End All-Weather Wicker Rattan Furniture”


DECON Designs is synonymous with excellence in crafting high-quality, all-weather wicker rattan furniture that surpasses expectations. Our commitment has always been to provide an exciting range of wicker rattan furniture products and designs that seamlessly complement diverse settings, including homes, hotels, restaurants, resorts, beaches, cafes, gardens, offices, and private villas.


What sets DECON apart is not only our dedication to producing environmentally friendly, recyclable, and exceptionally durable furniture but also our unwavering focus on sophistication and style. Our extensive wicker collections exude stunning elegance, elevating any space they grace.


 Materials we use:

It’s about creating moments of quality time with friends and family, and DECON’s patio wicker furniture is designed to make these moments truly comfortable and memorable. Transform your backyard into a coveted gathering spot that everyone will cherish.


Our commitment to high quality, integrity, continuous development, and human-centered service has earned us an impeccable reputation both domestically and internationally. We look forward to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers worldwide, enhancing our shared living experiences.


Explore our wide array of indoor and outdoor synthetic wicker rattan dining sets, sun loungers, swings, umbrellas, trampolines, benches, screens, bar sets, sofa sets, and patio furniture sets. With an extensive palette of weave patterns and colors, DECON makes it easy for designers, developers, and home decorators to find the perfect match for their specific décor needs. Choose DECON Designs and elevate your outdoor living with style, quality, and sophistication.

Decon designs uses materials of following brands from renowned companies:


A Closer Look At Some Of The Materials We Use

  materials materials2

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