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Wicker Sofa set , JHA-087

Product Descriptions :

Wicker Sofa set the deluxe and elegant hand made from synthetic rattan  and aluminum frame inside. Decon has a wide range of wicker sofa sets for all weathers. Decon has wide selection of wicker sofa sets even can custom made as per your requirement.

The style of the products are simple elegant, smooth curve, inspiration transmits from the grandness treasury deposits in the nature. The design is lead-edge, tree personalizes, and fashion leading…

Sofa Three Seater: 90 x 230 x 60 cm (01 No)
Sofa Two Seater:    90 x 168 x 60 cm ( 01 No)
Sofa Single Seat:    90 x 110 x 60 cm ( 01 No)
Tea Table:           130 x 60 x 34 cm ( 01 No)

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