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JHA-075, Omni Sun Lounger

RM 2,798 RM 1,399


Product Descriptions :

The Omni Sun Lounger is a luxurious and comfortable outdoor seating option that offers relaxation in style. Crafted with a combination of powder-coated metal and synthetic fabric, this lounger blends durability with a modern aesthetic.

The powder-coated metal frame provides strength and stability, ensuring long-lasting use even in various weather conditions. The synthetic fabric upholstery offers both comfort and resistance to outdoor elements, allowing you to lounge comfortably without worry.

One of the key features of the Omni Sun Lounger is its adjustable backrest. You can easily recline the backrest to your preferred position, whether you want to sit up straight, recline partially, or lay completely flat for sunbathing. This adjustable feature enhances your lounging experience by providing customizable comfort.

Whether you’re poolside, in your garden, or on your patio, the Omni Sun Lounger offers a stylish and functional seating option for soaking up the sun or enjoying a good book. With its durable construction and adjustable backrest, this lounger is designed to provide ultimate relaxation and enhance your outdoor leisure time.

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