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Fake Grass Supplier

Fake Grass Supplier
Decon is one of the fake grass supplier in town, supplying fake grass for years to all commercial as well as residential purposes, we have a wide range of fake grass for all budgets, the quality of hallmark, it lasting for years and gives you a peace of mind, the fake grass is soft in touch, suitable for kids to play and enjoy while playing.

Fake Grass Supplier Malaysia
Decon is a fake grass supplier Malaysia, supplying fake grass for years to all commercial and residential uses, decon designs that hallmark of quality service and products, drop by our outlet at Damansara Perdana for all commercial grade fake grass for your upcoming or existing project.

Decon Fake Grass
Decon fake grass is more soft in touch, children’s are loving it while they are playing on it, it is long lasting, durable, washable, natural looking, year around same greenery around you, whether it’s a summer , autumn, spring or winter your garden or a backyard is all around same. Make a choice with decon today for all-weather decon fake grass for your patio, balcony, terrace, garden, lawn or outdoors, it is suitable for all. we be that “Life Is Better Outdoors”

Decon Artificial Grass
Saving some precious time for yourself and family, yes you may choice the Decon Artificial Grass for all weathers, it is really hassle free for you to maintain the natural grass as you are using it for years and had a maid or yourself to maintain it, spending lots of time and money to keep it all time green, so here is a decon artificial grass for all type greenery and very much hassle free. Make your choice and drop to decon at Damansara Perdana outlet to choice the best you deserve.

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