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Furniture Manufacturer Malaysia

Furniture Manufacturer Malaysia
How do you honor the tastes of a diverse, local as well as international audience while anticipating and interpreting trends for furniture lifestyles? Decon has found the way.
The level of perfectionism at “Decon Furniture” is legendary.

Rumor has it that each product undergoes many prototyping cycles before it gets approved by the Decon team. Mr. Bilal, who is the company “Kong Posh Industries (M) Sdn Bhd” and brand “Decon” founder and Managing Director, has such challenging standards that he regularly works until late-night to get things right. According to company insider “Our Entire Decon Team will always have a hard time to get survey regarding the market trend, because they have to keep modifying and modifying until every piece of Furniture Manufactured is comfortable!”

Such devoted attention to detail is practically unheard of in the “Furniture Industry”. With margins constantly being squeezed by fluctuating market forces, most “Malaysia Furniture Manufacturer” aim to minimum production cycles and time to time trendy market, not vice versa.
But then again, Decon isn’t most manufacturers.

Divergent Ambit

From its ultra-perfectionist edge to the “Furniture Industry” defying revenue growth, there is very little about Decon Furniture that fits the Outdoor Lovers in commercial and residential purposes.
True, Decon began life as a trading another brand, just like the hundreds of homegrown enterprises that emerged in the millennium to capitalize on Malaysia’s blossoming furniture industry. But even in those early days, Decon was already hard at work on different strategy for the upcoming.

“We knew that if we wanted to level up, “Manufacturing and Export “was the perfect answer. In order to get there, however, we could not stick to our business model as traders. We had to work on securing our manufacturing and exporting, to ensure that our clients locally international enjoy Decon’s Goodwill and be benefited, Said Mr. Bilal.

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