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Versailles Teak Planter Set HC-051

Product Descriptions :

Versailles Teak Planter Set, Our wooden garden planters are made from smooth sanded plantation teak. These square Versailles Planters have a strong flat slatted base for drainage. As with all wooden planters, to keep the soil moist we recommend the use of a plastic liner such as a compost bag or Pond liner. Just don’t forget to pierce holes in the liner for drainage. Alternatively, you can buy geo textile lining which allows the soil to breath.Our Teak Versailles Planters are delivered fully made ready for you to enjoy.

Small : HC-051C : W 33 x D 33 x H 45cm
Medium : HC-051B :W 44 x D 44 x H 55 cm
Large : HC-051A :W 54 x D 54 x H 64 cm

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