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Malaysia Delivers Expat Satisfaction In All Aspects

Malaysia Delivers Expat Satisfaction in All Aspects

I felt just landed in Malaysia, it has been nearly two decades since I actual landed in Malaysia, time fly’s so fast. No doubt being in Expact Malaysia gives me the best satisfaction, whereby my own country never delivers it. The multi-culture and different types of religions are free to worship their religions, which gives each citizen and an ex-pats freedom, peace of mind and grows together with a better society.

Malaysia does not give you a chance to become homesick, it’s a   peaceful country, we call it “Anytime Makan Time” you can have all types of Malaysian food, western food, Indian food and many more which is really awesome, not only that it’s very much affordable price.


When talking about language barriers, here is what I experience, most Malaysians speak at least three to four languages, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English… no worries … everywhere you go you will find an expat who is speaking Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and much more.no chance to be homesick.


The living cost is cheaper than in my own country with great hospitality and wonderful service, that’s the reason I said: “Malaysia Delivers Expat Satisfaction in All Aspects”.

The transport is mostly reachable to the most of the cities and tourist destinations. If you want to explore Kuala Lumpur City, get KL TravelPass and explore the city with 2-days unlimited train rides. KL TravelPass -The only travel card you need in Kuala Lumpur, for all visitors to KL, you can now travel easily with the KL TravellPass. It’s an integrated transport ticket which offers seamless travel experience in the city. The card comes with a KLIA Ekspres airport transfer (available one-way or return) and 2 days unlimited rides on LRT, MRT and KL Monorail lines. Great for tourists looking to explore Kuala Lumpur using public transport. Prices from RM70, the KL TRAVELPASS is available at KLIA Ekspres Ticket Counters in KLIA, KLIA2, and the Departure Hall, KL sentral…it’s a smart way of explore Kuala Lumpur City.

The Adventure of Outdoor Living in Malaysia is really beneficial for all ages and it gives you re -freshness makes you more productive and relaxes.  There are numerous places in Malaysia for of adventure faculties such as:-

  • Cameron Highlands
  • Sungai Sedim
  • Langkawi Island
  • Penang Island
  • Genting Highland
  • Langkawi Island
  • Taman Negara National Park

There are many more places to explore in Malaysia, if you are ready to go & love Outdoors Living, nature has blessed to human kind, and be thankful to eternal God.

About Author: Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Bilal Ahmad Bhat lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and his Lovely three daughters. He is part of a small community who are trying to live as sustainably as possible. A professional  Entrepreneur who love to write and travels and  he has over twenty one  years of experience in retail market and has study  Graphic Design, Hotel Management & Tour –Travel, Online Marketing 7 years’ Experience in Pharmacy, Psychology . He mostly writes about travel, Motivation & personal growth, and has a particular interest in adventure holidays, camping. He travels whenever he can.

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