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The Adventure Of Outdoor Living

The Adventure of Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living is always adventures and refreshing for those whole live in crowded cities the life is very fast and busy scheduled which is quite- unusual to have open breath. It’s highly advisable to proceed for hacking to the beautiful jungles, jogging to the wonderful parks, fishing to the awesome lakes and feel the adventure of outdoor living, where you meet the God’s gifted nature.

The Adventure of Outdoor Living is beneficial for all ages and it gives you re -freshness makes you more productive and relaxes.  There are numerous places in Malaysia for of adventure faculties such as:-


  • Want to explore the caves at Gunung Mulu National Park Malaysia.
  • Want to Hike in the Cameron Highlands the coolest place in Malaysia
  • It’s time to take to the wilds of Taman Negara National Park.
  • It high time to find your way over Mount Kinabalu on the Via Ferrata.
  • I want to Climb Mount Cincang in Langkawi Island.
  • Want to meet the flora and fauna of Royal Belum State Park.
  • It’s time to Ride the river through Kilim Nature Park.
  • Want to have water adventures in Endau Rompin National Park.
  • It’s time to meet the monkeys at Bako National Park.
  • Explore Unspoilt Tranquillity in Pulau Kulup National Park.
  • Take to the treetops in Sungai Sedim.



About Author: Bilal Ahmad Bhat


Bilal Ahmad Bhat lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and his Lovely three daughters. He is part of a small community who are trying to live as sustainably as possible. A professional  Entrepreneur who love to write and travels and  he has over twenty years of experience in retail market and has study  Graphic Design, Hotel Management & Tour –Travel, Online Marketing 7 years’ Experience in Pharmacy, Psychology . He mostly writes about travel, Motivation & personal growth, and has a particular interest in adventure holidays, camping. He travels whenever he can.

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