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JHA-612A, Alfresco Aluminium Dining Set

RM 13,173 RM 6,588


Product Descriptions :

The Alfresco Aluminium Dining Set is the perfect choice for outdoor dining and entertainment. Crafted with high-quality aluminium, this dining set combines durability with a sleek and modern design. The lightweight nature of aluminium makes it easy to move and rearrange the furniture according to your needs.

Designed for comfort and convenience, the dining set includes a spacious table and comfortable chairs. The table provides ample space for meals, beverages, and other items, while the chairs are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort during long hours of sitting.

Aluminium is also highly resistant to rust and weather elements, making it suitable for year-round use. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, enjoying a family meal, or simply relaxing with friends, the Alfresco Aluminium Dining Set offers a stylish and practical solution for all your outdoor dining needs.

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