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Decon Furniture Malaysia

Decon Furniture Malaysia
We are the synthetic rattan, wicker and teak wood furniture supplier in Malaysia, supplier for all condominiums, beaches, bungalows, hotels and restaurants and many more. Decon Furniture Malaysia has a wide range to choose from, all furniture is made of synthetic rattan and aluminum frame, some are combined with teak wood and rattan and stainless steel furniture, decon is a Malaysian Brand supplier furniture for all commercial and residential all most two decades in Malaysia. Order decon furniture Malaysia the great deals for all furniture items.

DECON designs
The registered trade mark, wholly owned by Kong Posh Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. Decon designs are the outdoor furniture supplier for almost two decades, decon is the specialist for all commercial and residential furniture manufacturer and retail, decon is a young and up growing brand in Malaysia for all hospitality and residential lovers, decon has very wide range of all-weather wicker furniture and rattan furniture for all types of budgets and always new and excited designs. Decon stands for Durable, Elegant, Cozy, Obviously, Nice and we be that, “Life Is Better Outdoor”.

DECON Furniture
The Loved and trusted brand in hospitality industry from decades, decon furniture is rooted in Malaysia and specialist in outdoor furniture for all commercial and residential use, decon furniture always enhance better experience in all lines of the products and services, we believe in “Life Is Better Outdoors”. We keep doing new innovations to serve our values customers better.

Decon Furniture Outlet
Decon has a three thousand square feet outlet at Damansara Perdana, carry wide selection for all weather garden and outdoor furniture for all commercial and residential use. Decon has a two thousand square feet warehouse located in Bayu Tinggi Klang, visit decon furniture outlet to have great experience and wonderful selection of outdoor furniture.

Decon Furniture Reviews
We thank all those valued customers who always review our products and services to give us more strength to serve them better and better, if you like to give us a like or write about Decon Furniture Reviews we will appreciate your time and efforts. Your comments and reviews are more important to us and get more focused to our products and services.

Decon Furniture Outdoors
Want to have shop outdoor furniture and is difficult to get all in one place, here comes Decon Furniture Outdoors, we have wide range of all rattan furniture, wicker furniture and teak wood furniture for all types of small garden or big law , if your garden or a lawn is small and can’t fit too big pieces of furniture, decon solve your problem, decon has a space saving furniture for indoors and outdoors as well.

Decon Furniture Online
We deliver our news lets to all social media and channels to let our valued customer stay updated, decon furniture online uses the best portals to advertise our business, decon does not create any controversial campaigns to hurt our values clients and there trust.

Decon Furniture Singapore
Yes we do supply our entire range of furniture Singapore as well, decon furniture Singapore has more them three satisfied customers in Singapore. Call today to book your favorite furniture and get delivered within a week to your door step in Singapore

Decon Furniture China
If you are looking quality or an economy furniture from china or Malaysia, no worries decon designs are the leading outdoor furniture supplier in Malaysia to solve your problems for all commercial and residential projects, decon furniture china, can arrange your all your budget furniture which you require for your projects yet is quality furniture

Decon Furniture India
If you are looking furniture for your retail shop or you are an interior design company, looking outdoor furniture for your project, here is a decon furniture India to solve it, we do all type of outdoor furniture and very much economy prices. What are you waiting for visit decon website or drop us a message will call you back. Decon has a wide selection of garden furniture.

Decon designs Umbrella
Let’s have a coffee at coffee planet under the Decon designs Umbrella
You love Al fresco dining but the sun’s a bit too strong. At night, there’s a certain charm in enjoying your coffee outdoor. Well next time you’re here, head to the rear and you’ll find solace under our new parasols.

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