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 Wishing All Our Valued Customers A Prosperous Chinese New Year

 Wishing all our Valued Customers a Prosperous Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is a Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. The festival is usually referred to as the Spring Festival in modern China, and is one of several Lunar New Years in Asia.

The Chinese festival marking the start of the new year, beginning on the second new moon after the winter solstice and ending on the full moon fifteen days later. It is marked by visits to family and friends, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving, blessing peace with one another.

This time discover the traditions and taboos, dishes and drinks that are part of China’s most important holiday, the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival.

Highly recommended, don’t waste the food; there are many unfortunate ones who is starving for the food, drive safe while going to visit your loved ones.  Enjoy each and every movement you deserve the best.

Many of us are playing with firecrackers, it’s a fun doing, but in the other ways- wasting our hard earned money and making our environment polluted with the smoke and the noise- if you really care for others you have a choice to donate to any charity or who is in need. The unlimited blessing will shower from God! “Do Good Have Good” its old saying.

We Decon team wishes you and your loved one prosperous Chines New Year 2019, may God bring us peace, healthy and wealthy life.

About Author: Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Bilal Ahmad Bhat lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and his Lovely three daughters. He is part of a small community who are trying to live as sustainable as possible. A professional  Entrepreneur who love to write, travels and  he has over twenty one  years of experience in retail market and has study, Virtual MBA, Computer Study,  Graphic Design, Hotel Management & Tour –Travel, Online Marketing ,7 years’ Experience in Pharmacy, Certificate in Psychology . He mostly writes about travel, Motivation & personal growth, and has a particular interest in adventure holidays, camping. He travels whenever he can.

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