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WHY GRADE TEAK WOOD Teak Wood Furniture Buyers Beware


Teak wood Furniture Buyers Beware!

If you are looking for teak wood furniture then you are most likely shopping for high quality products that will last a very long time. But, before you make a purchase from just anyone, a word of caution… all teak products are not created equal.

In the past, teak wood suppliers and manufacturers would usually tell you the grade of the teak wood used to make the teak furniture. These days however, there are a lot of stores, especially aggressive online retailers, that deal in an inferior grade of teak and they want to keep that fact from their customers. They won’t mention the grade at all or worse yet, they may even tell you that their Grade C teak is “just as good” as Grade A. They may say things like “solid teak” or play on the fact that the average consumer does not know there is a difference. But there are differences! One of the most obvious difference is the fact that lower grade teak is often lighter in color so they may even go so far as to stain the wood to make it appear as if it were a superior grade. Of course their price will be attractive because their very young, non-sustainable teak secured from local farmers is 50% to 60% cheaper and a much inferior grade of teak. The end result is that the consumer will think they are getting a good deal on what they thought was the high quality furniture they were looking for. After all, teak is one of the highest quality woods you can use right? Now you are beginning to understand. We feel that this practice is unethical and we want to educate the buyer on exactly what the differences are.

It is very important to understand the grade of the teak wood you are buying. Teak wood is graded as A B and C based upon quality and age of the tree. Grade “A” is the highest quality and priced higher when compared to lower grades. And for good reason! Grade A Teak is grown, used and replanted on sustainable Government Plantations and range much higher in age. Teak wood graded A is also wood taken from the -center- of the trunk where teak oil is more concentrated. Grade A teak has more silica and rubber making it more resistant to water and insects. Simply put… it is higher quality; looks better, aged longer and will last a life-time with little attention.

Teak Finish & Stain

Another thing to watch out for is stained teak. It is not necessary to use a stain on grade A teak. You can use teak oil or teak protector if you wish or you can let it weather to an elegant silvery color. Keep in mind that you will still see all the grain and wood color variations. What you want to watch out for is any companies stating that their teak has been stained. They will use a variety of reasons for staining their teak but most companies that offered stained teak are simply attempting to hide the color and grain of their lower grade teak products.

So Why Buy from Decon designs? What Makes Us Different?

First and most importantly, we offer Grade A Teak products. We make it a point to say that because we feel it is important that you know you will not find higher quality teak. We are also direct importers and distributors of fine quality teak patio furniture, teak garden furniture and indoor outdoor teak furniture manufacturer. We have been in business since 1999! We have built a reputation for excellence in customer service and providing superior quality teak wood & synthetic rattan furniture. We have secured our position as the high end outdoor & indoor furniture manufacturer in the Malaysia. We use only the finest premium quality teak wood and every teak accessory is individually handcrafted and inspected by our professionals. As a manufacturer and supplier of furniture, our custom designs are a perfect match for your projects decks and patio.

We offer an extensive collection of the finest, most attractive and unique furniture available at reasonable prices. Our teak wood furniture is made from superior quality properly kiln-dried (up to 12% moisture content) teak to prevent warping and cracking. All our furniture is made using industry standard mortise and tenon joinery and further enforced with solid brass screws or teak dowels at stress points. Most designs are one of a kind, and are very difficult to find anywhere else.

Bottom Line…

You may be able to find products that look similar to ours for less but if their price sounds too good to be true then now you know why. If you have made the choice to go with teak wood furniture then make sure you are getting the furniture you are expecting. Buy from www.decondesigns.com and experience the grade A difference yourself!



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