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What Is Wicker

What is wicker

Wicker is a generic term used to describe any product that is made by weaving together stems or vines. The word itself has Scandinavian origins, but the use of woven vines to make furniture dates back as far as the days of Egyptian pharaohs. For centuries, willow was the preferred type of vine for making wicker products.

For the last 150 years or so, high quality wicker products made in the United States have been made with vines from the Rattan plant. This plant grows only in the rain forest areas of South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The most highly prized and durable rattan vine is the honey rattan from Southeast Asia.

Now artificial rattan has introduced in market 100 over years a go, which us more durable of outdoor use, some are very high quality, some are medium ,some cheap, but all looks wicker stands for outdoor use,weather it is hot sun or chilly cold weather like kashmir, it stands for years,

Decon designs is a specialist for synthetic  wicker nearly two decades, supplies  most of the commercial as well as residential purposes, decon designs wicker and rattan is more durable , long lasting, UV resistant , suitable for all weathers.

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