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Top Five Reasons To Choose DECON Designs Artificial Synthetic Turf Grass

Having a lush, well-manicured lawn does not have to mean hefty maintenance or upkeep costs. Advances in DECON designs synthetic turf grass technology have resulted in cutting-edge, eco-friendly products that are a far cry from the “Astroturf” products of the 1970s. This new breed of artificial grass is realistic, sustainable, functional, and best of all, it is virtually maintenance-free.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider DECON designs artificial synthetic  grass:

  1. Low Maintenance

Finding an ideal low-maintenance natural grass option for your landscape is all but impossible. The constant watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and patching of natural grass…well, there goes your weekend, get your extra time for your personal things, DECON designs Artificial turf grass gives you a FREEDOM of your precious time, however, provides a waterless, low-maintenance solution without sacrificing the beauty, function or look of real grass. All that lawn equipment can stay tucked away in the garage.

  1. Durability

While heavy foot traffic or weather may result in worn areas or bare patches in a natural grass application, DECON designs artificial turf grass will simply not wear down. Artificial synthetic turf grass is designed to hold up against high-traffic areas that regularly take a beating  playgrounds, schoolyards, pet areas and sports fields, just to name a few. Plus, any reputable synthetic turf product will be non-toxic and safe for pets and children. So what are you waiting for it is all your,

  1. Versatility

If you have been trying to grow natural grass in a harsh climate or on rough terrain, you know what a challenge it can be to maintain a lush lawn. DECON designs Synthetic Artificial Turf Grass products are virtually impervious to the elements, so whether you are dealing with drought conditions, muddy areas, steep slopes or hard-to-grow terrain, there is a suitable synthetic  artificial grass by DECON designs to fit any location. The icing on the cake. Your lawn will look green all year-round.

  1. Sustainability

Unlike traditional grass, synthetic grass products use recycled and sustainable products, while using less of the earth’s natural resources. Synthetic grass surfaces allow you to conserve water, while eliminating often-toxic fertilizers and pesticides. You’ll also see reductions in your maintenance and lawn equipment expenses, and you can rest easy knowing you will not be releasing any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. While DECON designs Artificial Turf Synthetic Grass gives you a peace of mind

  1. Appearance

Yes, DECON designs All weather synthetic turf grass  is low maintenance, durable and sustainable, but it is also downright beautiful! After all, many golf courses are finding synthetic turf to be a functional and beautiful solution for their clean and modern look. A high-quality DECON designs synthetic  artificial turf grass  product should have a soft, lush natural-grass appearance that looks great all the seasons weather it is a chilled  winter, blossom spring, awesome autumn and or hot summer.




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