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Indoor And Outdoor Design Solutions

Indoor and outdoor Design Solutions…

By DECON designs


  1. A three- seater sofa rarely accommodates three people happily. Instead consider ordering a three-seater made up with seat cushions.
  2. If you choose furniture with colours that closely match their intended background, the items will effectively disappear, leaving a much less cluttered look. If you wish a piece of furniture to stand out, this effect can be achieved by choosing a contrasting colour.
  3. In a small room, scaling the size of furniture will not necessarily help, but using less of it will.
  4. In a dining room, make sure you leave at least 75cm/2 1/2ft of space around your table to allow for chairs in use.
  5. In a kitchen, wall units that extend right up to the ceiling, will eliminate an obvious dust tap and also provide extra long-term storage.
  6. Stools and poufs are useful for occasional seating, take up little space and can sometimes incorporate storage space in their base.
  7. Storage! Storage! Storage!

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