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Happy Raksha Bandhan

In lands where traditions weave their tale,

Where bonds are strong, they never frail,

A day of love and ties that bind,

Raksha Bandhan, a treasure to find.

Oh, radiant thread of silk and gold,

In stories and memories, you unfold,

Sister’s love and brother’s vow,

A sacred bond, forever shall plow.

Upon the canvas of life’s grand design,

Siblings entwined, a bond divine,

In laughter and tears, through highs and lows,

The thread of Rakhi forever glows.

With dawn’s first light or evening’s hush,

Emotions bloom in a heartfelt rush,

A sister’s prayer, a brother’s embrace,

Love’s sweet melody, a timeless grace.

From childhood’s glee to paths anew,

Through choices made and dreams pursued,

The Rakhi’s promise stands steadfast,

In love’s embrace, memories amassed.

In distant lands or close at heart,

The Rakhi’s magic transcends every chart,

A symbol of love, of protection true,

A bond that words can scarcely construe.

As sunsets paint the sky aglow,

Raksha Bandhan’s blessings flow,

May every thread, every tie,

Bring joy and love that never die.

To sisters and brothers, near and far,

Underneath the same moon and star,

Happy Raksha Bandhan, voices raise,

In love’s symphony, let’s forever praise.

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