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Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

The Classic black steel frames and handsome Malaysian rubber wood detailing this collection blends modern and traditional styles for a timeless look you’ll love.

Decon is committed to bring extraordinary masterpieces to your door step. We are the manufacturer of steel and wood furniture since two decades, serving esteemed industries in the town, for commercial and residential purposes.

Come and explore your options with us, we do tailored made as per your specifications. Our wood & steel products are mostly semi knockdown which is a great choice to have them, while moving your office, house, hostels, home stay, condominiums, apartments and aimed many more.

Timber & steel furniture is an awesome combination to use, our craftsmanship allows each master- pieces crafted are uniquely designed for those who have less space, designs are art, which narrates a great story.

Our options are wide which gives you freedom to choose as goes with your sweet home concept. Millennials are the lowers of our concept. Designer are the ones who design beautiful drawings and our experienced craftsmen are the ones who make it finished products.

Let’s Explore Your Options together to enhance better life style. Live where your heart is.

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