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Welcome at Decon designs Rental Furniture
Rent furniture the easy way

Why dragging your furniture half-way around the globe when a more convenient solution is at hand? With Decon designs Rental furniture, you can rent just the kind of furniture you like, in your new home country.

We like to take a dedicated, personal approach to every single furniture rent project to provide you with the most suitable rental solution. Our services are very much appreciated from the top Model companies, studio, photo shootings, events, parties, house furniture rental, garden furniture rental, pool furniture rental and many more.

Decon designs offer a wide range of furniture for a complete Home & Garden, from attic to basement. In addition to furniture for dining rooms,  and living rooms, we rent our wicker furniture to all indoor or outdoor purposes. All you have to do is make your choice and we’ll do the rest. No worries, no waste of time.

It is beyond doubt. Everyone has a specific taste in furniture. It is a reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle. We can offer a wide variety of styles and colours and at different price levels. You cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our vast range? Rest assured, decon designs listens to your wishes and needs. We go to great lengths to find exactly those items that perfectly match your expectations, and your budge

Decon designs Rental applies flexible rent terms, ranging from one month to several years. We even have standard sets available: these are suggested room configurations, at your disposal immediately or within very short notice. If does not fit , wait a while we do tailor made for your desire designs.

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