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Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set , JHA-6025

Product Descriptions :

Turn your home from boring to brilliant.Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set ,can give your garden a stunning and exquisite glow. Give your family the chance to be happy. These furnishings are the answers to all your long-standing problems about home design. Decon designs isofu series has a huge variety of rattan sofa sets to choose from.

Outdoor Rattan sofa set is light weight,maintenance free, UV resistant,long lasting.
Garden Furniture and Outdoor Furniture for Every Budget and decon is always well come for tailor made as per your favorite designs and sizes.So what are you waiting for, make your visit any our our outlet to amaze your self.
Triple Sofa: 202x 78 x 64cm Single Sofa: 82 x 78 x 64cm Tea Table: 122 x 62 x 40cm

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