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DECON Interior Décor

The Finding of Passion, over the past two decades, Uni-Value the concern sister of Decon has helped in creating the dream interior décor homes of countless individuals and projects. Glancing through our client base, we provide interior decor and cabinetry services in Peninsular Malaysia. However, we welcome any project in other states as we target to offer interior decor services throughout Malaysia. With our years of experience in the interior decor industry in Malaysia, we stand out in transforming an empty space into a magnificent home, complete with the elegant ideas of furnishings such as dining table, kitchen cabinet, sofa set, and many more that amaze.

Our team of professionals is ready to serve you. As for fully furnished homes, we also provide one stop renovation solutions to revive your home, office, retail, F & B and give you a brand new space, the home renovation services can be complemented with our furnishing and decorating services where even the selection of tiles and colour schemes are on our shoulders. Spend some time to glance through our portfolio and know that Decon is capable in handling and managing various types of commercial and residential projects. Decon is more passionate of doing ;-

Interior Design Consultation

Design Concept & Development

Space Planning & Feasibility Studies

Project Management

 “You Talk, We Listen” The very first communication is to learn about our clients’ needs and concerns. Your goals, budget, scope of project and timeline will be discussed and how we can   assist you. Site investigation studies will be carrying out for further understanding.

It is one of the most important aspects of interior design. We space plan all client’s furniture to   ensure that the designs are efficient and make the most of the space available.

We believe each and every space is an opportunity to create something unique rather than   ordinary, to be provocation not visible.

We work closely with our clients through the design stage of the project through completion to   ensure that our client’s needs are fulfilled. We ensuring that project are completed within budget and within   the agreed time frames to an extremely high quality.

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