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Counter Top Protective Shield

Product Descriptions :

Protect your front-line employees and customers from the potential spread of COVID-19 with our transparent acrylic shields. Easy Installation methods and self stand capabilities without damaging the table top.
Two different specifications. Available with per-cut openings for cash/ credit card transactions. Don’t just rely on workers and customer to observe social distancing – our shield solution physically enforce safe distancing and help eliminate contact with airborne droplets and other contaminants via coughing and / or sneezing.
Our acrylic shields allow businesses to remain safer because they not only protect employees such as cashiers and receptionists, they also reassure and protect customers.
Size Available:
W600mm x H600mm   Normal Price RM 298 Now RM149
W750mm x H600mm    Normal Price RM318 Now RM159
W900mm x H600mm   Normal Price RM358 Now RM179
W1200mm x H600mm Normal Price RM418 Now RM209
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)  2pcs for W600mm  And  W750mm , 1pc for W900mm And   W1200mm
Flat Pack Packaging
Special Logo in Print Additional Charges RM15
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