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DECON ensures that we offer the Best service, Most Innovative Products and Best Value.

DECON designs selects the Best HDPE materials that becomes combination of  Wicker Rattan Teakwood  and Stain Less Steel Furniture that we selects very carefully with commercial applications and test ratings in mind. We wish to offer our customers the very best and most trouble free products available, and our track record shows that we have accomplished this goal. The products we manufacturer is Contemporary Modern Classic and Traditional style , and we strive to improve on that every day.

For Commercial and Residential, Wicker Rattan Teakwood with combination of Stain-less Steel furniture from DECON designs are ideal for condominiums, resorts, country clubs, hotels and motels, restaurants furniture, pools furniture, aquatic centers, and any other hospitality application. We offer a broad selection of products suitable for: living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, foyer, lobby, patio furniture, garden furniture, balcony furniture, pool requirements With the many choices available in our various collections, our customers are able to find most of their synthetic wicker rattan teakwood furniture needs for inside and outside usage at a distributor price that is affordable.

The pioneer of high quality indoor-outdoor furniture that utilizes sturdy  synthetic material Viro, Rehau.DECON can be seen in leading hotels, Luxury condominiums ,restaurants, private villas spas around the world .Mostly likely when you leaf through exclusive interior or lifestyle magazine, you will see a DECON piece of furniture,

DECON gives you a mix of modern contemporary Asian charm  where form and function meet. We offer a vast selection of every dream home, where detail and quality are given full attention; purchase a choice from our collection or a customized design can be tailored to match your imagination.

Hand-woven outdoor furniture created with weather –resistant mentari Fiber, Viro, Cyroplene, rehau

Let your space break shackles of convention this season

It’s time to find a comfort zone custom made for you

DECON has been making quality outdoor furniture with the attention to detail that has made our products unique essentials for those who love living, working and dreaming out in the open. These ideals are shared by the designers who have chosen to collaborate with DECON in turning dreams into reality, bringing their designs to life.

Sweet Idleness Outdoor Living, Love the outdoors! Live your imagination

Put your dreams come true. Take your pick from settees or loungers- create space for sharing, caring and quite bonhomie


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