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Car Tent Supplier


Car Tent Supplier

Decon has two types of car tent one is basic another comes with remote control, both are friendly users, Decon is the only car tent supplier in Malaysia. You have a right reason to protect your million dollars car from dust, leaves, hot weathers and many more reasons to save your car from damage.

There are many features of it:

  1. It has 29MPH windproof level
  2. It can fit any car such pickup, van, suv, sedan and many more
  3. Easy to fix, easy to handle it
  4. It brings down your car temperature up to 30 degrees in hot weather
  5. You can turn it as beach umbrella
  6. Its UV protected for all type of weathers
  7. It has Soft suction cup to avoid causing scratches
  8. It takes 45 seconds to fix it

For all seasons, any reasons, Decon gives you the valid reason to protect your car with the gorgeous car tent which is suitable for all type of cars…

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