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Bistro Patio Furniture

Bistro patio Furniture
The way you want to have your bistro patio furniture, its only available with decon, meet us today with great ideas and trendy bistro patio furniture for your existing or upcoming projects, we do custom design as per your demand, it is in your hand as per your required budget, waiting for your arrive to serve you all with grace and tranquility.

Patio Dining Set
When you talk about buying your patio dining set, do not trape in cheap promotions or and marketing gimmicks, here is a decon who supplies the top grade commercial as well as residential furniture as per your demand and budget, visit our showroom for more choice or call or email us to pre-book your patio dining set for your house.

Patio Dining
Patio dining for all occasions and functions, with the grace of pattern and look only available the best and trendy designs from decon designs, at Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Damansara Perdana, we have wide collection of patio dinning for all budgets, decon brings always new trendy and fashionable designs to our valued customer.

Patio Swing
Decon has plenty of patio swing for all outdoors and indoors, our patio swings are made of fully weatherproof save for cracking, fading and braking, the fiber used is high density which leads to long duration, patio swing is great idea for your backyard, patio, garden, balcony and many more.

Patio Swings
Patio Swings, the only wide range in all commercial and residential grade of quality and affordable price as well as long lasting quality patio swings are amazed by the design and uniquely made of high quality fiber by decon, visit our showroom to all that you were waiting for so long to get the one you always wish for.

Patio umbrella
Decon has a heavy duty cantilever umbrella for all commercial and residential grade, supplies to most of the hospitality industry as well as individual home owners for past two decades, our wide selection of umbrella comes with many colors and designs, sizes and functions, some comes with cantilever mechanism can tit and turn 360 degree can adjust any position, some side pols and some comes with middle pole, along with base resin or four pieces of marble slabs to holds the umbrella.

Patio Umbrellas
We got huge range of outdoor patio umbrellas for many sizes, colors, functions and designs for all commercial and residential grade, decon carry always a stock for immediate delivery, our patio umbrellas carry side and middle pole, made of powder coated aluminum frame and stand, some comes with wooden frames, decon do custom designs patio umbrellas as per your budget and requirement. Cantilever parasols can tit and turn 360 degree,

Patio Parasol
Many designs of patio parasols are stocked at decon, those are multi-functional parasols can tit and turn 360 degree, some are with middle pole and wooden frames, and some are with side poles with powder coated aluminum frame, we are parasols with many prices from Ringgit Malaysia three hundred till three thousand ringgit Malaysia.

Patio Garden Dining Set
Buying patio garden dining set from decon is a wise decision, it gives you wonderful look and durability yet affordable prices, decon has a great quality and variety of patio garden dining sets for all commercial and residential purposes, we even do tailor made to suite your place with decon’s awesomeness furniture, drop by our showroom to make your choice, it’s all about, style of your personality.

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