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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is one of the best solution for your patio weather it is indoors or outdoors it make your place greenery and gives you a fresh look, is playing a great role now in many of the high rise condominiums, villas, bungalows, hotels , bistros, cafes and many more commercial as well as residential purposes,

We are one of the artificial grass supplier Malaysia for more than a decade supplying mostly commercial as well as residential projects, we love to help you to get all the best quality and great service to satisfy your need, Decon has a wide collection of all sizes of artificial grass for balconies, backyard, patio, garden, villa, bungalow, and many more.
we are the one in the list, and playing a great role in commercial as well as residential projects, decon has the fake grass of all budgets , decon’s tufted artificial grass has one tone to four tones, depends , what is your interest to place for your garden, lawn, patio or your backyard, we have it all, just drop us at Damansara Perdana to amaze with decon’s all-weather artificial grass.
Looking for turf grass store, yes we are one in the list of selling many variety grass, tufted grass, fake grass, cheap grass, quality grass, you just name it, we have it, decon designs artificial grass is UV protected, lasting for years, maintenance free , affordable price, natural in look, so what are you waiting for, make a choice with decon today at Damansara Perdana,

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