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Why Is Malaysia A Great Place To DO Business?

Why is Malaysia a Great Place to DO Business?

When I ask, most of the expats in Malaysia- Why is Malaysia a Great Place to DO BUSINESS? So that the answers I got is as. Running your own business in Malaysia is very easy as compare to other countries. Malaysia has a gateway of full of opportunities each and every corner; you can find opportunities to conduct business in everywhere here. Its strategic position in Southeast Asia, bolstered by the critically important Straits of Malacca waterway, made it the gateway by see between the West and the East for centuries, right up to this day.

In fact, Malaysia with its long trading history is now a major regional hub for business and financial hub.

Most of the Expats, it’s easy to think of reasons to live and do business in Malaysia, but what are the leading reasons for opening a business here are.

  1. Malaysia has a strong, Skilled And Capable Workforce
  2. Malaysia Is Still Relatively Stable Economically
  3. Malaysia is a great Place To Live in While Doing Business here
  4. Malaysia Is Among The more Peaceful And Politically Stable Countries in the World
  5. Malaysia Financially Supports and Encourages Foreign Economic Participation
  6. Malaysians are Overall a Friendly, Peacefully, Loving And Humble People
  7. Malaysia Has a Good Infrastructure to Support Economic And Business Growth
  8. Malaysia Has Many Success Stories in different business sectors
  9. Malaysia Encourages Business Setups
  10. Malaysians Designing a Legacy
  11. Malaysia has a tropical weather
  12. Malaysia has a great public transport facilities
  13. Malaysia has huge agricultural land
  14. Malaysia is becoming a brand it’s for good and services in International market
  15. Malaysian is great tourist destination which is very much affordable
  16. Malaysia is becoming an International Education Hub in the year 2020
  17. Malaysian Lives happy and healthy life style
  18. Malaysia is consider the biggest furniture Manufacturer for indoors as well as outdoors
  19. Malaysia has multi-religious county everyone has freedom to follow there religion
  20. Malaysia has wide range of Food its saying here “Anytime Is Makan Time”

The Country’s rapid growth over the last 20 to 30 years is partly due to its strong and comprehensive infrastructure. The credit goes to Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad is a Malaysian politician currently serving as the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia.

About Author: Bilal Ahmad Bhat


Bilal Ahmad Bhat lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and his Lovely three daughters. He is part of a small community who are trying to live as sustainably as possible. A professional  Entrepreneur who love to write and travels and  he has over twenty one  years of experience in retail market and has study, Virtual MBA, Computer Study,  Graphic Design, Hotel Management & Tour –Travel, Online Marketing ,7 years’ Experience in Pharmacy, Psychology . He mostly writes about travel, Motivation & personal growth, and has a particular interest in adventure holidays, camping. He travels whenever he can.

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