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Getting To Know The People Behind The Decon Furniture Industry

Each year, DECON grows – not only in furniture retailers but drawing more commercial buyers nationwide. Decon grows internally strong, with our values and ethics, we always get feedback than feed forward from our esteemed customers. And as 2018 comes to an end, it’s amazing to reflect on how much DECON has transformed – from humble beginning to a furniture retailers renown in nationwide.

Decon appreciates all the wonderful efforts and hard work – the reward goes to – Abd Rahman Bin Abd Rahim, Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Shariar, Muzaffar Ahmad Bhat, Irtaza Bilal, Bala, Shelly , and other  outsource marketing and online team.

Decon’s Outdoor Environment is evolving- with more focus on collaboration than ever before. We learn more about how the garden furniture industry are trending more and  more – ultimately effects cane furniture to transform wicker furniture , it deeply rooted and remains top in Outdoor Furniture trend. Creating new ideas for outdoor space to make more outdoor happenings.

But Decon’s success is not just about the Outdoor Furniture- it’s also people behind the designs. Our esteemed customers and our great team.

We hope that you are enjoy this article and we look forward to seeing you at DECON

Check out our blog regularly for more updates. We valued your continued support.

Best Wishes


About Author: Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Bilal Ahmad Bhat lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and his Lovely three daughters. He is part of a small community who are trying to live as sustainably as possible. A professional  Entrepreneur who love to write and travels and  he has over twenty one  years of experience in retail market and has study, Virtual MBA, Computer Study,  Graphic Design, Hotel Management & Tour –Travel, Online Marketing ,7 years’ Experience in Pharmacy, Certificate in Psychology . He mostly writes about travel, Motivation & personal growth, and has a particular interest in adventure holidays, camping. He travels whenever he can.

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