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Decon Designs Showroom Concept Changes To Warehouse Concept

Decon designs Showroom Concept Changes to Warehouse Concept

After nearly two decades Decon designs used to have few showrooms around the Malaysia, now their concept has changed to the Warehouse type, where a customer can view the furniture ,get it shipped or delivered to customers house, the prices are little cut down now, Decon requests customers call before visit the washhouse. When you talk about Outdoor Furniture Decon lead the industry almost two decades, still favorite and recommended by our esteemed customers for the quality and service.

Decon’s decision Showroom to Warehouse was mostly suggested and feed -backed by valued customers. Decon has moved to warehouse business setup on 01 May 2019.We promise our customers quality and service will remain in our top priority. And your feedback will remain our strength.

Digital wale made buying and selling easier, a buying can compare and make his or her mind what and where to buy without wasting lot of time, a selling always target the particular buyers only, becomes easier ever to do business in a very appropriate way. It’s cheaper now and time consuming way of living new era of life.

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